Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Night Shift

Yuck, I'm on night shifts again this week. I don't seem to do much quilting when I'm on night shifts. I feel to tired and 'spaced-out' during the day to concentrate and end up with wonky seams etc.

I do get a bit of knitting done though - as long as its a more simple pattern where I don't have to concentrate to hard. I'm working on a skirt with lots of ruffles. The ruffles are taking me forever - you start with 120 stitches then knit into the front and back of each stitch, knit a few more rows and then knit in the front and back again - ending up knitting 480 stitches on the row. But it really looks adorable so I'm not complaining (too much!)

Well I'm off to try sleep some more!

1 comment:

  1. My hubby works 3rd shift. Can't imagine if he had to switch shifts. I love knitting or crochet because you can do that anywhere!