Friday, July 29, 2011


I'll be buying the batting for my quilts this week. I'll have to do some research before I go to the craft shop as I have no idea what type I should get.

I had a look in the shop the other day and there were so many different types.... all with very different costs as well. I want to get a good type of batting as I want my quilts to last, but I can't afford the high end batting either.

I also need to cut and sew my backing to the right size and then I will be all ready to baste. I'm quite excited about basting as it means I will be able to quilt it after! I will probably do straight line quilting for the first quilt and then see if I'm up to something more adventurous for the second one.


  1. Greetings from Tunisia! Just stopped by from Quilting Bloggers to enjoy your blog. You pick out lovely colors and fabrics for your quilts. By the way, quilting isn't an obsession, it's a way of life! At one time in my life, I had to make batts from the wool of my own sheep--rather tedious, but those quilts are still holding up! Happy quilting!
    best, nadia

  2. Thank you :) - Wow that's dedication making your batts!

  3. Charlotte

    There sre many great batting on the market today. However, some are better than others. Batting is probably the most least thought about part of the quilting process and you choice makes a hug impact on your quilt. And don't get caught in the habit of always choosing the same batting. If you are a beginner, I would choose Hobb's 80/20. It is a great batting. You will never go wrong with that one.

  4. Thanks, I'll have a read about that batting

  5. I, too. am going through a learning curve with batting. I just finished a baby quilt using high loft batting, and have decided that I will stay away from that for awhile. For now I am going to stick to low loft or warm and natural batting because I don't think it will cause as many puckers. I also am experimenting with using basting spray to hold my layers together. Hopefully it will work better on my next project.