Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm on holiday but have not done any quilting! Oops. I was going to bring the batting and front and backing with me to baste it together while on holiday - but once I had that in my suitcase I had no room for any of my clothes so I had to reconsider. Its been a good holiday though - good to catch up with family and friends - and also to not have to work. I could easily be a 'lady of leisure' I think.

While I haven't actually been quilting I have been buying more fabric and various notions - and have plenty more on my wishlist. It doesn't take long to build up quite a stash.

I bought a sampler quilt book so  I think I will do that next - a block at a time.

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  1. Who can resist a little stash shopping, I mean - If you can be sewing you might as well be 'getting ready' to sew! I too am a beginning quilter and finding my way around the tricks of the trade! My current challenge is the actual quilting - I fear I am not up to free-motion, but am not too bad at following straight line!