Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First post....first quilt

Hi, I'm Charlotte a 25yr old from NZ. I have always enjoyed doing crafts such as knitting and sewing and recently decided I wanted to learn a new craft. I had always thought quilts were beautiful and decided that this would be a craft that would challenge me.

So this blog will be about my first quilt and hopefully other quilts as well if I don't give up on this quilt. I have decided to make a quilt for my mum and one for my little sister as well in time for Christmas. That gives me plenty of time to finish them but also a deadline as well. I plan to machine peice and hand quilt.

I will likely be slow in my quilting so I will also post about other crafty projects as well.

I have ordered my fabric from an online store in the States today for my sisters quilt  - 3 Bliss Charm Packs, and will order my mums as soon as she lets me know a few things she would like in her quilt - hopefully the fabric will arrive soon :)

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