Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new obsession?

Oh dear, I think quilting may develop into an obsession.......   I bought 9 quilting magazines and a quilting book today. Too be fair to me all the magazines did come in a 3 for 1 deal - so 9 magazines for $30 instead of $90 :). The book  I got was 'Ultimate quilting bible: A complete reference with step-by-step techniques' by Marie Clayton. Over 300 pages of quilting goodness!

I guess I will be doing a lot of reading while I wait for my fabric to arrive.


  1. Hi Charlotte, thank you for visiting my blog. I know what you mean about being addicted to quilting... it's so easy to be sucked in big time I KNOW!! My theory is my stash is my kids inheritance (they reckon they're auction it after the funeral!!!) hehe. There are great Quilt Clubs in Wellington so if you've not joined already find one near you. Plenty of teachers there and hundreds of books in club library's.

  2. That means more quilting magazines at the store, I am going to town tomorrow to the Dargaville fielddays..there are some quilting/sewing stands there..