Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knitting Madness

Here's a quick little post about my wool. You saw my overflowing wool basket in a previous post, here's a closer look.

First is my  Patons wool - Nice and soft.

Next is my favourite yarn -  Red Riding HoodYarns also available here. Hannah does the most amazing yarns. She dyes up yarn in themes, and has a stocking on facebook. She also does custom orders and yarn clubs. My photo's really don't do it justice - there are better pictures on her facebook page. She's from New Zealand, but I believe she also ships to Aussie.

Her stockings often sell out quickly  - sometimes in less than an hour so I am lucky to have built up a good stash.

Of all my Red Riding Hood Yarn my favourite colourways are shown below. (Again my photos don't do this beautiful yarn justice at all)

Here is the 'Little Miss Pink' colourway knitted up in a W.I.P

Another W.I.P. - the cream is Patons and the Pink is Red Riding Hood Yarns. It's part of the 'Candy Drop Petite Collection' which is a scrappy set. The skirt will use the whole scrappy set by the time it is finished.

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