Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Start of Picture Overload!

Ok, the first photo post is about my SEWING SPACE :). It's a small space crammed into the corner of my small room. I will hopefully move flats later this year and will make sure to get a double room in my next flat. i so can't wait till I can buy or rent my own place and have more space than just a tiny room.

First up is the basket where I keep all  my patterns - for knitting, sewing and quilting. I also have my knitting needles in here and a couple of W.I.P cross-stitch kits.

Next up is my overflowing wool basket, also my knitting bag for my current projects. (More Detail on my wool in the next post). Behind the wool (under the table) is my sewing box and a bag of buttons.

Next is my fabric container, it was in a smaller container but I had to move it to a bigger one after I went a little crazy at The Fat quarter shop!

Next is my sewing desk, Mum got me the touch lamp for my birthday and it's great!

And last but not least - two very important accessories - pin cushion and quick unpicks!

So that's my sewing space!

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